How to Place Orders?

It's really easy to Place order. Just Put your Email and Track/ Video Link. Then complete your Payment.

If I do anything wrong, how do I inform you?

If you've done anything wrong, Please let us know immediately via mail-

If I need to cancel any order Or replace any Link?

If you need to cancel Or replace your link, Please let us know within 12 hours.

Are the Views/ Plays Real/ Fake ?

About 95% Views/ Plays are Unique Proxy generated and Real Looking ( Not Real) but you can't say it FAKE!

How long  will the Views/ Plays exist in the Track stats ?

The Views/ Plays are 100% Non drop and exist lifetime. But, we can't guarantee for YouTube Views. If drops, we'll refill.

What if I'm not satisfied with your service and send you dispute?

Without conversation / negotiation if you send dispute, we'll refund your money but never accept your order in future.

What are the Opportunities for Regular customers?  

We will provide High Priority to regular customers and keep long term observation the full channel